Richard K. Schneider
Class of 1968
I Currently Live In:
Harker Heights, TX
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Marital Status: Married Spouses/Significant Others Name: Susan
Children: 3Grandkids: 7
More about me.Date Profile Entered: Apr-27-2003
After serving 20 years in US Army with tours in Viet Nam, Italy (8 Years, 5 with NATO & 3 near Venice), 3 years in Germany, and some stateside time in Colorado and Arizona, I retired in 1989. During my second tour in Italy I met Susan and we married in 1989.

After exiting from the Army I finally finished my college and received a BS in Operations Management and an MS in Operational Research. I have beeng with Electronic Warfare Associates, Services, INC for 14 years. EWA Services provides support to the Department of Defense for operational testing of military systems

Susan, my wife of 14 years also retired from the military in 2001 from the Ordnance Corps as an Lieutenant Colonel. Troy, graduted from Northern Az University in 1992 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, lives in Aurora, Co with his wife Lisa and their two children (another is on the way). Tamara, graduated in 2001 from Colorado State with a degree in Computer Science lives in Colorado Springs with her daughter Brooke. Tabitha and her family also live in Colorado Springs.

If you are ever in central Texas give us a call. Our home is always open.
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